IGMPI is an institution that is continuously involved in upgrading the human resources for a better contribution in their respective fields and seeks to expand human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight. IGMPI was founded to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of food safety and quality and their applications while integrating science and technology. Within the institution there are a plenty of research opportunities available for graduates, post graduates and even working professionals. With a team of highly experienced faculty, projects are given such that it helps the researcher to gain maximum knowledge and experience. The range of work being conducted is broad and deep. The institute has focused its work in developing products with enhanced nutrition, discovering innovative products utilizing byproducts, and implementing new methods to improve quality of food. The topics of research are designed keeping in mind the current requirement of food industries and consumers. All the work is conducted with full time faculty involvement and a constant research is done to achieve the best.

Currently, several researcher, graduates and postgraduate students from renowned universities of country are carrying out their dissertation projects in the field of food science. The projects are mainly in bakery science, dairy, new product development, microbiology and various changes in the food during processing. All the work is performed in such a way that it can have significance in the field of research. Research is being conducted on development of products as well as to measure the benefits and cost. The institute has well established labs with different required equipments and machineries to cope up with intensity of research being performed such as HPLC, GLC, cooling centrifuge, deep freezer, incubators for shelf life study, multiple Soxhlet extraction units etc. There are numerous other opportunities for researchers to conduct research during the summer break or academic year. Under these internships and projects they will be introduced with the real life corporate scenario. The study will cover all the minute details of the topic and will consider possibilities to help students achieve maximum knowledge and hands on experience.

Till the last batch of our dissertation program, 40 students of B. Tech. and M. Sc., from Biotechnology, Food Technology and Food Science & Nutrition background from premier Universities have successfully completed their project/dissertation work in the area of Bakery, Fruits & Vegetable processing, new Product Development and related areas.

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Moderated by Shri Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI (Building FR&D Talent in India)

Moderated by Shri Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI

Moderated by Shri Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI

Moderated by Shri Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI

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