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Clinics on Cloud Announces 17% Surge in Women's Health Examinations in Rural India

Clinics on Cloud, a prominent health tech firm in India, reveals transformative insights into women's health, emphasizing the impact of accessible healthcare solutions. Spearheading preventive healthcare, it offers advanced HealthATMs for instant screening of over 70 vital parameters, enabling women to prioritize their well-being conveniently.

Committed to healthcare accessibility, Clinics on Cloud empowers individuals with innovative HealthATM technology, leading preventive healthcare. Notably, a 17% increase in women undergoing health assessments is credited to Health Kiosks in rural areas.

Age-specific trends show rising participation across age groups, with a 15% increase in preventive health tests noted.

Common concerns include non-communicable diseases, anaemia, obesity, reproductive health issues, and cardiovascular diseases. Data highlights that 69% of women are affected by anaemia and 57% with higher body fat levels. Issues like PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility are prevalent, alongside child mortality concerns in rural areas. Additionally, around 23% of women suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and high blood pressure affects 67% of females over 60.