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AI-powered healthcare innovation grabs centre stage in Chennai

An AI in healthcare event recently introduced a new theme, "AI-Driven Innovation in Healthcare," broadening discussions beyond technology's role in electronic medical record (EMR) adoption, physician productivity, and operational efficiency.

Augnito, a leading AI service, has convened over 300 healthcare stakeholders, including doctors, IT heads, and key decision-makers nationwide. These conferences offer an exclusive platform for industry leaders to innovate and shape the future of healthcare.

The event aimed to explore AI's potential in reshaping healthcare delivery and patient care enhancement. A notable highlight was a panel discussion on "Empowering Clinicians with AI: Enhancing Patient Care & Clinical Decision-Making." Augnito showcased how it simplifies clinicians' creation of EMR-ready data from natural conversations.

Augnito's innovative Voice-AI solution transforms clinical documentation globally. Their AI technologies enable accurate data entry from any device, streamlining workflows and allowing physicians more time for patient care. Currently, their solutions are used in over 375 hospitals across 25 countries.