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The company recalls pickled products because of the hazard of botulism poisoning

The California Department of Public Health warns against consuming certain jarred food items from Shamshad Food due to potential Clostridium botulinum contamination, which can cause botulism. Products like Litteh Pickle, Pickled Diced Vegetables (excluding lot code SD31123125), Pickled Eggplants, Pickled Garlic (excluding lot code SG31223125), and Pickled HaftBijar, sold in southern California, are affected. Shemshad, based in Los Angeles, is voluntarily recalling these products, urging consumers to dispose of them immediately. Botulism toxin is undetectable by sight or smell, necessitating careful disposal and hand hygiene. Symptoms of botulism include blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, and muscle weakness. Infants may exhibit lethargy and poor feeding. Anyone experiencing adverse effects after consuming these products should seek medical attention promptly. The health department advises reporting any sightings of the affected products to their complaint line.