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Cynata Therapeutics declares inspiring initial data from the phase 1 trial of CYP-006TK to treat a diabetic foot ulcer

Cynata Therapeutics Limited, a biotech firm specializing in cell therapeutics, completed the initial analysis of wound surface area in the first 16 patients of its phase 1 trial of CYP-006TK for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), up to the 10-week follow-up. The active CYP-006TK group saw a median 87.6% reduction in wound area, compared to 51.1% in the control (n=8 per group). Recruitment is progressing well, with 25 of the 30 planned participants enrolled. CYP-006TK, Cynata’s Cymerus iPSC-derived MSC topical dressing candidate, shows promise in treating DFU, which can lead to severe complications like infections and amputations in diabetic patients. Follow-ups continue up to 24 weeks, with specialized imaging used to assess wound healing. These results echo trends observed in the initial six patients up to Day 28. The trial will proceed as planned, reflecting positive recruitment progress.

Cynata Therapeutics Limited, an Australian biotech, focuses on stem cell and regenerative medicine using Cymerus, its proprietary platform.