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Phase II KARDIA-2 study of zilebesiran in people with hypertension meets primary endpoint: Roche & Alnylam

Roche and Alnylam reported positive results from the phase II KARDIA-2 trial [NCT05103332] of zilebesiran, an investigational RNAi therapy for hypertension, a primary cause of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Patients with mild to moderate hypertension treated with zilebesiran alongside standard medication showed a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure at three months, with favourable safety outcomes. Hypertension contributes to around 10 million global deaths annually, and up to 80% of patients have uncontrolled blood pressure despite available treatments. The findings, to be presented at the 2024 American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session, build on earlier positive data from the KARDIA-1 trial [NCT04936035]. A subsequent phase II KARDIA-3 study [NCT06272487] aims to assess zilebesiran's efficacy in high-risk patients with uncontrolled hypertension. Zilebesiran targets angiotensinogen (AGT) via RNAi technology, potentially offering lasting blood pressure reduction. Collaboration between Roche and Alnylam drives its development and commercialization.