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Mother's Recipe embarks Summer Wala Sharbat in five flavours

Mother’s Recipe, an Indian food brand, has introduced a Summer Wala Sharbat for the upcoming season, aligning with its goal of evoking nostalgia among consumers. The product aims to capture the essence of enjoying refreshing sharbats during the summer heat.

In Indian households, making sharbat is a cherished family tradition, often passed down through generations. It holds cultural significance, symbolizing hospitality and warmth towards guests. The launch includes five flavours—Mango Panna, Rose Sharbat, Jeera Masala, Khus Syrup, and Lemon Ginger—each designed to evoke fond memories and reconnect consumers with traditional flavours.

As temperatures soar, staying hydrated is crucial, and these sharbats offer not only refreshments but also potential health benefits. Ingredients like Khus, Lemon, and Rose are known for their digestive and cooling properties. Best served chilled, they can be garnished creatively with mint leaves or lemon slices, or transformed into delightful mocktails or faludas.