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USAID projects Women’s Health and Livelihood Alliance towards bridging healthcare and economic gaps for women in India

The Women’s Health and Livelihood Alliance (WOHLA), a partnership between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Samhita Collective Good Foundation, aims to empower women in underserved Indian communities by addressing their health and economic needs. WOHLA focuses on providing women with access to sexual and reproductive health information and services while enhancing their financial and digital literacy to create job opportunities. Recognizing the ripple effects of women's empowerment, WOHLA emphasizes the importance of women's economic security for community development and peace. By offering career development, job opportunities, and healthcare access, WOHLA promotes gender equity and economic stability. The initiative mobilizes private sector resources and fosters partnerships to prioritize the relationship between women's health and professional advancement, aiming to reduce gender-based violence. WOHLA also supports micro and small enterprises led by women in the healthcare sector by facilitating access to finance, aligning with efforts to empower rural women and enhance their incomes.