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Fujifilm India inaugurates Open MRI machine in Hyderabad at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

Fujifilm India has introduced its advanced Open MRI machine, "APERTO Lucent," at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, India’s leading B2C diagnostic chain, enhancing access to cutting-edge diagnostic imaging.

This collaboration represents a significant advancement in patient-centric imaging technology. The APERTO Lucent features IP-RAPID technology, reducing scan times while maintaining high image quality through under-sampling and iterative image reconstruction, enhancing spatial resolution.

With its innovative 0.4T static-field-strength permanent magnet and sleek gantry design, the APERTO Lucent revolutionizes diagnostic centres and healthcare facilities, offering swift scans, low running costs, and attractive initial investments without additional infrastructure requirements.

The machine's simplified installation process and space-efficient design ensure prompt setup, while its single-pillar MRI structure provides a panoramic open view, reducing patient anxiety. Its True Open Bore design accommodates diverse body types, minimizing claustrophobia risk.

The collaboration between Fujifilm India Healthcare Division and Vijaya Diagnostic Centre underscores a joint commitment to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient care in the region.