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An avocado a day may enhance overall diet quality, researchers report

Consuming one avocado daily may enhance overall diet quality, as per research led by Penn State's Nutritional Sciences Department. Poor diet quality increases disease risks, including heart disease, with many American adults failing to meet dietary recommendations. Published in Current Developments in Nutrition, the study, spearheaded by Kristina Petersen and Penny Kris-Etherton, assessed the impact of a daily avocado on diet quality.

Avocados are rich in nutrients like fibre, and prior research suggests their consumers exhibit better diet quality. This study sought causational links between avocado consumption and overall diet quality. With only 2% of Americans regularly consuming avocados, researchers explored if daily intake could boost diet quality significantly.

Over 1,000 participants were split into two groups, one maintaining their diet and the other incorporating one avocado daily. Avocado consumers notably improved their adherence to dietary guidelines, implying such strategies can enhance diet quality. Future research will explore additional food-based interventions to enhance dietary guideline adherence and mitigate disease risks. The Avocado Nutrition Center supported the study without influencing its analysis or interpretation.