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Indian healthcare sector witnesses trajectory of fintech in patient care to garner exponential boost

The Indian healthcare industry foresees substantial fintech growth in patient care. Digital infrastructure like Aadhar and NSDL enhances efficiency and security, facilitating real-time processing and robust identity verification.

CarePay leads fintech's trajectory in healthcare, driven by technology and evolving regulations. Innovations such as embedded finance reshape healthcare, converging fintech and healthcare.

The global healthcare financing market is projected to reach $249.65 billion by 2030, with vertical lending meeting the rising demand for accessible financing.

Despite challenges like high out-of-pocket expenses and medical inflation, the healthcare sector is expected to reach $372 billion by 2023. Technology advancements and increased investments signal a promising future.

CarePay, based in Gurugram, addresses immediate financial barriers in healthcare through instant digital loan approval. It offers a full-stack fintech for healthcare, aiming to introduce more beneficial financial products for patients and providers.

CarePay enhances provider-patient relationships by removing financial barriers and offers manageable monthly payments for patients, ensuring timely medical care without financial strain. Leveraging advanced technology, including integration with Aadhar and NSDL, CarePay optimizes healthcare financial solutions, positioning itself as a leader in healthcare financing innovation.