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Abbott receives a CE mark for the 6-year insertable cardiac monitor

Competition in insertable cardiac monitors (ICMs) has surged recently. Boston Scientific debuted Lux-Dx ICM's initial version in Europe in 2022 and gained U.S. clearance for its upgraded device in 2023. Abbott's Assert implantable cardiac monitor, comparable in size to a paper clip, offers a six-year lifespan, surpassing rivals' four-and-a-half-year duration.

In response, Abbott launched Assert-IQ, emphasizing battery longevity. It offers a three-year ICM for typical monitoring needs like diagnosing fainting or palpitations, and a six-year version for patients undergoing therapy prone to arrhythmias.

Implanted under the chest skin through a minimally invasive procedure, the monitor continuously tracks heart rhythms. It connects to a transmitter, usually the patient's smartphone, via Bluetooth, checking rhythms every 20 seconds and transmitting data to the clinic's portal.

Abbott asserts its extended battery life doesn't compromise functionality, contrasting with rivals. Linq II's 4.5-year lifespan is due to app restrictions, while Lux-Dx's initial version lasts two years under certain settings.