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New federal health IT strategy boosts focus on public health, AI

Improving cybersecurity and readiness in healthcare is a top priority for the HHS, evidenced by their release of voluntary cybersecurity goals for the industry, with plans for enforceable standards. Challenges like the rapid expansion of AI and increased cyber threats, as seen in the recent attack on Change Healthcare, prompt urgency.

The draft Federal Health IT Strategic Plan outlines four categories. The first three focus on enhancing experiences and outcomes for health IT users. The initial goal promotes health and wellness, facilitating access to electronic health information and digital health products.

The second category aims to improve care delivery and experiences, including promoting telehealth and simplifying documentation requirements to reduce clinician burnout. The third objective emphasizes using health IT for research and innovation.

The fourth component addresses data sharing, broadband infrastructure enhancement, and cybersecurity guidance. While the 2020 health IT plan showed significant progress, the new plan seeks to modernize post-COVID-19, address health disparities, and manage the evolving use of AI. Concerns linger about oversight as tech giants promise AI tools to streamline administrative tasks.