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Eggs may not be harmful to your heart health

Many individuals are cautious about consuming eggs due to concerns about their cholesterol levels and their impact on heart health. However, results from a controlled trial presented at the American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session suggest otherwise. The PROSPERITY trial enrolled 140 patients with or at high risk for cardiovascular disease to compare the effects of consuming 12 or more fortified eggs per week versus a non-egg diet (consuming less than two eggs per week) on cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health markers over four months.

Lead author Dr Nina Nouhravesh explained that despite conflicting information about egg consumption's safety, the study provides reassurance, particularly among high-risk populations. The trial found no adverse effects on blood cholesterol among those consuming fortified eggs, which contain less saturated fat and additional vitamins and minerals compared to regular eggs.

The study, although limited by its small size and reliance on self-reporting, highlights the potential benefits of fortified eggs. Nouhravesh emphasized the importance of considering overall dietary patterns and consulting with healthcare providers for heart-healthy recommendations, especially for individuals with heart disease.