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World Health Day: Good health & healthy food-Consumer’s right

Is our health jeopardized due to the lack of warning labels on packaged foods? As we mark World Health Day 2024 under "My Health, My Right," access to accurate information is crucial. Empowering consumers with knowledge ensures sustainable consumption. Implementing front-of-pack warning labels on unhealthy foods is essential, aiding informed choices. Businesses must comply with consumer information standards, and regulators must enact safeguards.

Consumers should have accessible information to make educated decisions. The Consumer Protection Act 2019 upholds the right to safe food amidst rising nutrition-related diseases, with Front-Of-Pack nutrition labels (FOPLs) emerging as key interventions. These labels simplify nutritional information, aiding quick choices in today's fast-paced world. Businesses and consumers play pivotal roles in promoting sustainability and safe, healthy food consumption. Every person deserves the right to make informed decisions about their health.