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Baskin Robbins introduces new product portfolio, redefining ice cream as anytime snacks

Baskin Robbins, India's top ice cream brand, unveils its latest summer lineup, catering to the growing trend of all-day snacking. With innovative products and flavours, it aims to redefine the summer experience, backed by a remarkable 25% growth in FY23-24 across diverse channels. 

New additions include Doublet Bars and Ice Cream Funwich, offering indulgent treats like Choco Fudge and Raspberry Vanilla. Bite-sized Ice Cream Rocks now feature Caramel Biscuit and Hazelnut flavours. Exciting ice cream flavours like Naughty Nutella and Ferrero Moments Mousse cater to evolving tastes. Fruitini shakes promise real fruit and milk mocktail nutritious experiences, while Lollipop Sundaes combine ice cream and lollipops in six variants.

Baskin Robbins continues its expansion, operating 900+ stores in 280 cities across India and the SAARC region. It aims to surpass 1000 stores soon, committed to delighting customers with innovative offerings and enhanced experiences.