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Britannia Winkin’ Cow extends its portfolio of Bourbon in a milkshake format

Winkin' Cow, the milkshake brand of Britannia in India, has forged a collaboration with Britannia Bourbon, marking a significant milestone for both brands. The introduction of Bourbon thick shakes represents a groundbreaking category crossover within Britannia, blending the classic flavour of Britannia Bourbon with Winkin’ Cow's creamy richness to offer consumers an irresistible experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Since its establishment in 2018, Winkin' Cow has seen remarkable growth, achieving a revenue of Rs 100 crore in FY 2022. The brand has captivated consumers nationwide with its creamy richness and diverse flavour offerings. With the launch of the Bourbon Shake, the brand embarks on a new journey of flavour exploration, combining the classic taste of Britannia Bourbon with its expertise in milkshake production.

As Britannia Bourbon celebrates 70 years, its collaboration with Winkin’ Cow signifies an exciting new chapter in Britannia’s history. This partnership brings together two beloved icons, resulting in the creation of the Winkin’ Cow Bourbon Shake—a fusion of flavours that redefines indulgence, delivering exceptional nutrition and taste in every sip.