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Britannia NutriChoice simplifies health monitoring nationwide with the launch of the NutriPlus app

Britannia NutriChoice, a leading biscuit brand in India, has launched its NutriPlus app in collaboration with Aktivo Labs, responding to the Indian Council of Medical Research's report on rising non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The app enables continuous health monitoring, empowering individuals to detect health issues early and intervene proactively, reducing strain on healthcare systems.

Developed by doctors and scientists, the NutriPlus app offers a daily NutriScore based on exercise and sleep duration, providing users insights into their health status without wearable devices, solely using smartphones. It also provides personalized weekly health assessments for all demographics.

This collaboration aims to raise awareness about lifestyle interventions to mitigate age-related NCD risks. Democratizing access to the NutriPlus platform may help slow NCD incidence in India, easing societal and economic healthcare burdens.