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Walmart decelerates health center expansion plans

In 2019, Walmart launched Walmart Health as a pilot project in Georgia, expanding to 48 locations across five states by late last year. These medical centres, strategically located near or within Walmart Supercenters, cater to patients with limited or no insurance coverage in underserved areas. Offering a comprehensive range of services including primary and urgent care, diagnostics, dental, optical, hearing, and behavioural health, Walmart Health emphasizes inexpensive and transparent pricing. Despite being part of a growing trend among retail giants seeking to enhance primary care accessibility, Walmart is taking a measured approach to expansion. While initially planning to open 28 health centres in Missouri and Arizona, along with four in Oklahoma and additional sites in Texas, construction delays have pushed some openings to early 2025. Amid a competitive landscape, Walmart's broader healthcare strategy includes partnerships with insurers and health systems, as well as acquisitions of telehealth and chronic condition management platforms.