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Kalogon launches custom wheelchair cushion Orbiter Med

Kalogon's Orbiter Med is a bespoke wheelchair cushion catering to individual seating needs. Approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) under HCPCS Code E2609, it integrates Kalogon’s Advanced Pressure Management (APM) system with personalized postural support.

Utilizing air cell technology and machine learning, the APM system dynamically redistributes the user’s weight according to customized settings set by clinicians via the Kalogon App. This app allows both users and clinicians to adjust pressure levels and seating preferences for various activities. Clinicians can further customize the cushion with medial and lateral supports, leg length adjustments, and support for residual limbs.

To distribute Orbiter Med cushions in the US, Kalogon partnered with National Seating & Mobility, offering cushion demos for evaluation and technical training for Assistive Technology Professionals. This collaboration ensures clinics nationwide are equipped to provide this effective wound prevention solution.