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Experts stress personalized cancer care for optimal outcomes

Customizing treatment decisions for individual cases is vital in optimizing cancer care outcomes. Dr. Prasanth Penumadu, head of surgical oncology at Sri Venkateswara Institute of Cancer Care and Advanced Research (SVICCAR), Tirupati, emphasizes the importance of various treatment modalities in cancer management.

Dr. Lakshmi Sandhya, junior consultant in medical oncology at SVICCAR, Tirupati, stresses surgery's role in non-metastatic cancers, often combined with chemotherapy for enhanced survival. Targeted therapies, like Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) inhibitors, and radiotherapy aid in reducing disease recurrence.

Post-surgery, hormone therapy and immunotherapy are valuable, while bone marrow transplants and CAR-T cell therapy hold promise in haematology and pediatric oncology.

Dr. Penumadu highlights the need for combined modalities, especially in later stages where curability decreases. Early detection remains crucial, with Dr. Sandhya underscoring the importance of diagnosing cancer early for better outcomes.

Dr. Sandhya emphasizes the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging system, categorizing cancer into four stages and guiding treatment decisions, highlighting early diagnosis for improved outcomes.