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Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital adopts Dozee's advanced AI-based contactless and continuous patient monitoring & EWS

Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre, a leading 162-bed integrated multi-specialty tertiary care hospital, has integrated Dozee's advanced AI-based contactless patient monitoring and Early Warning System (EWS). This move positions the hospital as a pioneer among South Indian hospitals affiliated with Rashtrotthana Parishat, showcasing their commitment to leveraging indigenous technology for improved patient safety and care standards.

Non-ICU ward beds at Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre now feature Dozee's ambulatory-connected patient monitoring systems, enabling continuous contactless vitals monitoring and early warning alerts. This cloud-enabled solution allows central and remote patient monitoring, empowering healthcare providers to monitor patients continuously for timely medical interventions, enhancing patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Dozee's technology, utilizing AI-based Ballistocardiography (BCG), monitors vital parameters remotely, including heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, SPO2 levels, temperature, and ECG. Research shows that Dozee-connected beds can save lives, reduce nurse time for vitals, and decrease ICU stays. Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Hospital & Research Centre's adoption of Dozee reflects its dedication to healthcare innovation and patient-centred care.