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Blood glucose monitoring becomes more uncomplicated with technology advances like CGM

Monitoring blood sugar levels has become easier with technologies like continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), vital for optimizing glucose control and reducing health risks. CGM aids pre-surgery preparation for heart disease patients, potentially improving post-surgery outcomes. These devices enhance HbA1c levels, increase time in optimal glucose range, and boost quality of life, critical as diabetes patients face elevated cardiovascular disease risks and often have multiple comorbidities.

CGM provides real-time glucose monitoring without routine finger-pricking, offering actionable insights and facilitating communication with healthcare providers. The ICMR-INDIAB study reports a 44% rise in diabetes prevalence from 2019 to 2023, affecting over 101 million individuals. Despite diabetes management challenges, lifestyle modifications, exercise, balanced diet, and regular glucose monitoring can help.

Research shows CGM use among type 2 diabetes patients on insulin significantly reduces acute events and hospitalizations. Monitoring time in range (TIR) aids in adjusting lifestyle and treatment to manage diabetes and prevent complications. Technology is poised to transform diabetes care, offering personalized solutions and breaking barriers to optimal health.