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Urging early diagnosis and care for life: World Chagas Disease Day 2024

April 14th commemorates the fifth World Chagas Disease Day, focusing on early diagnosis and lifelong care to raise public awareness, garner support, and secure funding for comprehensive follow-up care initiatives.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 6–7 million people worldwide are infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, causing 12,000 deaths annually, with 75 million at risk. However, detection rates remain low in many countries, hindering adequate healthcare.

Chagas disease, often asymptomatic until irreversible damage occurs, poses a significant public health challenge, particularly in Latin America. Climate change and migration have expanded its global reach.

Transmission can occur through six routes, including vectorial, oral, congenital, transfusional, organ transplantation, and laboratory accidents. Early detection is crucial for successful treatment, as delayed diagnosis can lead to life-threatening conditions.

Preventive measures include vector control, blood screening, and education. While no vaccine exists, control tools such as vector control, food safety, and screening for pregnant women are vital.