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An approximately 35 million new cancer cases to arise in 2050, WHO warns

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of rising global cancer rates, projecting over 35 million new cases by 2050, a substantial increase from 2022's approximate 20 million. Lung, breast, and colorectal cancers rank as the most common types worldwide, per reports from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It highlights the urgency for mitigation and prevention strategies.

Disparities in cancer burden between regions underscore the need for ongoing intervention. While high-income countries may maintain high incidence rates, low and medium human development index countries could see doubled mortality by 2050. Factors contributing to this trend include delayed diagnoses, limited treatment access, and disparities in health benefits.

Environmental factors and lifestyle choices, like tobacco, alcohol, obesity, and air pollution, exacerbate the cancer epidemic. Recent studies underline a significant increase in cancer incidence, particularly among those under 50, with dietary and environmental factors playing key roles. Addressing these multifaceted challenges requires a holistic approach, prioritizing awareness, screening, and healthy lifestyle promotion at both individual and systemic levels.