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GE HealthCare launches AI-enhanced ultrasound systems

GE Healthcare introduces Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, integrating AI for women's health imaging. These systems aim to streamline exams and enhance diagnostic image clarity, improving precision care.

Featuring the "Hey Voluson" voice command function, they save time, while the SonoLyst tool utilizes AI for fetal anatomy identification and measurement. Additional features include SonoPelvicFloor for automated pelvic floor assessments, reducing keystrokes by up to 76%, and Fibroid Mapping for AI-driven fibroid documentation standardization.

The systems also include fetalHS for simplified fetal heart assessments, accelerating the process by up to 48%. Integration of the Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe enables a flexible wireless workflow, eliminating cable constraints.

Enhanced image clarity aids in the early detection of fetal abnormalities and gynaecological emergencies like endometriosis, improving treatment plans and overall health outcomes for patients.