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Intuitive’s introduction of new da Vinci 5 robot steals Q1 spotlight

Intuitive Surgical saw strong growth in robot procedures and system placements in Q1, but the focus of the earnings call was on the launch plans for the da Vinci 5 platform. Surgeons have started using the system, which gained FDA clearance last month, and initial feedback highlights improved precision, efficiency, and imaging. Eight da Vinci 5 systems were placed with customers during the quarter.

Executives cautioned that system placements might fluctuate due to the limited rollout of da Vinci 5, extending through 2025. Some customers may wait for sufficient supply or opt for a fourth-generation system with an upgrade arrangement.

Supply constraints also affect the adoption of the Ion lung biopsy system, but progress has been made in resolving challenges, including FDA-cleared design changes to the catheter. These changes aim to alleviate supply constraints and improve device economics.