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Joincare Pharmaceutical meets primary endpoint in Phase III flu trial

Joincare Pharmaceutical, based in China, has achieved the primary endpoint in a Phase III trial for its flu candidate TG-1000, in collaboration with Taiwan's TaiGen Biotechnology Company. The trial aimed to reduce recovery time from influenza symptoms.

Results showed a significant reduction in symptom alleviation time for the TG-1000 group (60.9 hours) compared to the placebo group (87.9 hours), with no safety concerns observed in the study. Analysis of secondary endpoints, including antiviral efficacy and influenza-related complications, is ongoing.

Under an exclusive licensing agreement signed in March 2023, TaiGen granted Joincare Pharmaceutical rights to develop and market TG-1000 in China. TaiGen plans to continue TG-1000 development globally, while Joincare aims to file a new drug application (NDA) for TG-1000 in mainland China in late 2024.

TG-1000, a novel pan-influenza antiviral, exhibits broad-spectrum activity against various influenza strains, including Tamiflu-resistant viruses, by disrupting viral replication and transmission through a cap-snatching mechanism.