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Indian hospitals mull over magnetic nanotech for radiation-free & affordable cancer diagnosis

Indian healthcare providers embrace magnetic nanotechnology for cancer diagnosis and treatment, offering a multifaceted approach to enhance patient quality of life while minimizing side effects. This follows successful global clinical trials.

Despite advancements, many patients lack access to cutting-edge treatments. Cost-effective solutions are vital.

Magnetic nanotechnology shows promise in addressing unresolved challenges in cancer care. Bengaluru-based startup SIAMAF Healthcare pioneers this technology, aiming to replace radioactivity and strong chemicals in cancer treatment.

Their product, MafPro, a handheld magnetic probe system, aids in cancer staging and localization without radiation. Clinical protocols have been developed at Narayana Health City, with plans for human studies pending CDSCO approval in collaboration with hospitals like HCG, Manipal, Cytecare, and Narayana Health.

SIAMAF secures funding for research and clinical trials. Collaborations for manufacturing and market penetration are in progress, targeting a market entry next year.

Their goal is to revolutionize cancer care with innovative, cost-effective solutions, ensuring accessibility and safety for patients while streamlining procedures for healthcare providers.