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Quantum Corphealth Doctor911 application strives to promote corporate well-being

As India targets a USD 5 trillion economy, corporate well-being gains prominence. A joint Indeed and Forrester Consulting report finds only 24% of Indian employees experience high well-being at work, leading to health issues.

In response, Quantum CorpHealth Pvt. Ltd. launched Doctor911, a comprehensive health app. It integrates seamlessly with corporate systems, offering preventive and emergency healthcare support. With 24x7 access to medical professionals and an SOS service linking to over 2,500 hospitals and 5,000+ doctors nationwide, it ensures timely care.

Doctor911 features ambulance activation and a secure MediLocker for medical document storage. Real-time virtual tele-consultations and company-wide seminars further boost employee well-being.

The Indian corporate health and wellness market, expected to reach Rs. 55,000 crore, reflects increased investments in employee health. Quantum's hub and robust healthcare model cater to B2B and B2B2C segments, emphasizing technology and skilled medical professionals to deliver superior services.