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Japanese study demonstrates link between dairy intake and odd-number carbon chain fatty acids

A recent Tohoku University study examined dairy consumption's link to odd-number carbon chain fatty acids (odd-FA) in Japan, a connection previously explored in Europe and Oceania but less in Asia.

Odd-FA, less common than even-number carbon chain fatty acids, are primarily sourced from dairy, and synthesized by microorganisms in ruminant stomachs. Researchers analyzed plasma samples and dietary habits of over 4,000 Miyagi-prefecture residents to investigate the relationship between food intake and 439 plasma lipid species.

The study also explored how consuming confectioneries affects omega-3 fatty acids, suggesting competition between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in these snacks. Considering omega-3's known health benefits, caution in consuming omega-6-rich confectionaries is advised.

Highlighting odd-FA-containing sphingomyelin (SM) as crucial in dietary odd-FA metabolism, the study indicates further research opportunities. Part of the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project, this study underscores efforts to enhance the well-being of Tohoku residents post-disaster.