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Indian healthcare capitalizes on the adoption of AI & ML in patient rehabilitation

The Indian healthcare sector is increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for patient rehabilitation, necessitating collaborations between technology developers and healthcare providers. Factors driving this trend include rising patient awareness, an influx of rehabilitation specialists returning to India, and the effective use of platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram by rehabilitation centres to showcase success stories.

In India, about 1.8 million people annually suffer from brain strokes, with nearly half experiencing movement disabilities. However, adherence to recommended rehabilitation practices is challenging due to a lack of understanding among caregivers and a shortage of facilities and skilled professionals. Rymo, supported by grants from BIRAC, SIDBI & Qualcomm, leads innovative efforts in robotic, AI, and virtual reality-driven rehabilitation, benefiting over 100 clients and 2,000+ patients nationwide. Implementing technology like robotics, virtual reality, and AI can enhance productivity, ensuring precise and engaging rehabilitation while reducing clinician supervision needs and enabling the treatment of multiple patients simultaneously.