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NeuroSmart Portable MER system paves way for improved treatments in Parkinson’s disease

The integration of brain pacemakers and the NeuroSmart Portable MER system marks a significant leap in Parkinson’s disease treatment, offering precise deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy. This technology, endorsed by neuro experts, boasts advanced features including enhanced target localization, automatic navigation, and connectivity tools, thereby ensuring unparalleled precision in brain analysis.

At Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru, this technology set a new standard as India’s first implementation site for Parkinson’s treatment.

 A 68-year-old patient, afflicted with Parkinson’s and severe comorbidities, demonstrated remarkable recovery post-treatment, underscoring the efficacy of this innovative approach.

The NeuroSmart Portable MER system enables real-time monitoring, enhancing surgical accuracy by facilitating neurophysiological mapping and precise electrode placement for DBS.

 While Parkinson’s remains incurable, early detection and personalized, holistic care are vital. However, the high costs associated with brain pacemakers hinder widespread accessibility. A more feasible approach is continuum care, providing medication management and emotional support, yielding enduring benefits like improved physical health and neuroplasticity promotion, crucial for Parkinson’s management.