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Metropolis collaborates with Singapore-based AI solutions provider ‘Qritive’ to revolutionize cancer detection

Metropolis Healthcare, India’s top diagnostic service provider, partners with Qritive, a global AI solutions leader for pathology labs, to bolster cancer diagnosis capabilities through advanced AI integration.

The collaboration entails adopting Qritive’s Pantheon image management system (IMS) and utilizing their AI products, promising enhanced efficiency and precision in diagnostics. AI’s crucial role in supporting pathologists and clinicians, particularly in cancer diagnosis, is underscored.

Qritive’s AI platform is set to streamline routine cancer diagnosis, ensuring quality control, reducing diagnosis time, and boosting productivity. Integration of AI insights into pathology workflows aims for quicker turnaround times and high-quality results, aiding effective treatment decisions, especially in prostate cancer detection.

Advanced AI technology enables pathologists to deliver highly accurate diagnoses, impacting patient prognosis. Swift prioritization of urgent cases and improved quality through AI-assisted reviews are facilitated. AI-generated insights offer valuable support, revolutionizing cancer diagnostics.

Clinical studies by Qritive show significant reductions in diagnosis time (up to 90%) and discordance among pathologists (up to 80%), enhancing diagnostic accuracy and cancer patient care quality.