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Medtronic received FDA approval for Inceptiv closed-loop spinal cord stimulator

Medtronic's Inceptiv closed-loop spinal cord stimulator (SCS) received FDA approval for chronic pain treatment, aiming to minimize overstimulation compared to open-loop technology used by competitors like Abbott, Boston Scientific, and Nevro.

Open-loop SCS delivers preset stimulation levels, regardless of user activity, potentially causing discomfort and leading to less effective stimulation over time.

In contrast, closed-loop systems, such as Medtronic's Inceptiv, dynamically adjust output based on body signals. Users set a target spinal cord activation level, and the system adapts in real time to activities like laughing or bending. Medtronic noted benefits from this approach in a January clinical trial.

While Saluda Medical gained FDA approval for a closed-loop device in 2022, major SCS companies primarily offer open-loop systems. Medtronic plans to launch Inceptiv in the U.S. soon.