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Kikkoman brings up dark soy sauce specially prepared for India

In a historic move spanning its 350-year legacy, Kikkoman is set to introduce a dark soy sauce tailored exclusively for the Indian market. This initiative underscores the brand's dedication to Indian consumers, culminating from four years of meticulous development. 

Recognizing the Indian palate's preference for visually striking, dark-colored sauces in Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisine, Kikkoman embarked on crafting a natural alternative to its globally acclaimed classic naturally brewed soy sauce.

Renowned for its simplicity, the classic soy sauce boasts a transparent reddish-brown hue, derived from a straightforward blend of soybeans, wheat, salt, and water. In formulating the dark soy sauce for Indian consumers, Kikkoman aimed to maintain this natural essence, eschewing the chemical additives prevalent in conventional dark soy sauces. 

The result is a dark soy sauce, leveraging the foundation of the classic variant, augmented by Kikkoman's proprietary technology to achieve a luscious, deep coloration.