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State officials warn consumers about pathogen in raw milk

Residents of Schuyler County, New York, are once again cautioned against consuming unpasteurized, raw milk from Sunset View Creamer due to contamination with Campylobacter. This warning follows the detection of the same pathogen in milk from the Odessa, N.Y., dairy in September 2023. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets reports one illness linked to raw milk consumption from the dairy, with preliminary and follow-up testing confirming the presence of the bacteria. Sales of raw milk from Sunset View Creamer are halted until tests confirm its safety. Consumers who purchased raw milk from the farm should discard it immediately. Those experiencing illness after consuming raw milk should seek medical help and inform their healthcare provider about Campylobacter exposure. The Department of Agriculture emphasizes that pasteurization, a process of heating milk to eliminate harmful bacteria, is crucial for preventing various foodborne illnesses associated with raw milk consumption.