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Fortis La Femme aims to prioritize Women's Well-being at WHI 2024 Conference

Fortis La Femme prioritized women's well-being at the Women's Health India (WHI 2024) Conference, fostering discussions on evidence-based strategies to mitigate disease impact. Experts emphasized environmental factors' influence on maternal and child health, including air, water, and noise pollution, and stressed comprehensive care beyond diet, considering technology exposure effects.

Panelists highlighted the absence of rural health sector insurance despite digital progress. The conference addressed pressing issues like maternity, nutrition, and mental health, noting challenges such as limited emergency care access and high maternal mortality rates. Marginalized groups, including tribal communities and widows, often face neglect due to sociocultural barriers.

Though progress has been made, challenges like sanitation and healthcare access persist. Agencies must intensify efforts to educate women on health and financial empowerment. Fortis La Femme's commitment to excellence earned it the "Most Popular Maternity Hospital" award, underscoring its maternal care leadership.

The WHI 2024 Conference united 200+ attendees, including doctors and PSU representatives, facilitating discussions on women's health, from maternal care to non-communicable diseases.