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Virinchi Hospitals organised neonatal resuscitation workshop to address neonatal mortality associated with brain damage due to lack of oxygen

Virinchi Hospitals, renowned for healthcare in Hyderabad, organized a Neonatal Resuscitation workshop at its Banjara Hills facility. Conducted by senior Pediatricians from KIMS Cuddles and Rainbow Children’s Hospital, the event focused on vital resuscitation techniques for newborns post-birth. Over 50 nursing professionals from city hospitals attended, learning skills crucial for mitigating brain damage from oxygen deprivation (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy – HIE), a preventable threat.

India's neonatal mortality rate, at about 20 deaths per 1,000 live births, highlights the significance of addressing conditions like HIE. The training covered essential topics in newborn care, emphasizing breathing management and cardiovascular stabilization. Through hands-on practice, nurses mastered life-saving techniques in a supportive setting.

This initiative reflects Virinchi Hospitals' commitment to enhancing neonatal care and reducing mortality rates. The knowledge shared aims to decrease hypoxic damage, improving outcomes for newborns. Virinchi Hospitals continues to lead in medical excellence and staff training, setting benchmarks in healthcare provision and education.