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Diets rich in protein and anti-inflammatory foods may protect against cognitive decline

A recent study in the Nutrients journal explores the impact of a protein-enriched diet (PED) and an anti-inflammatory diet (AID) on cognitive impairment (CI) in elderly Chinese individuals.

Age-related cognitive decline, from mild impairment to severe dementia, is a growing concern. Specific dietary compounds, like beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids, may prevent dementia. The Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) links pro-inflammatory diets to a higher dementia risk.

Both AID and protein intake benefit mental health, but PED's impact on cognitive function remains uncertain. Researchers created AID and PED indices and analyzed their association with CI in over 8,000 elderly individuals.

High AID and PED scores correlated with lower CI risk, with a linear relationship between diet quality and cognitive function. Gender differences existed in CI prevalence and diet scores.

However, limitations include self-reported CI data and the study's cross-sectional design, warranting further research for precise dietary recommendations for cognitive health.