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Masala row: Govt to do comprehensive analysis of spice products

Concerned over alleged contaminants found in Indian masala products in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Union Government plans a comprehensive analysis of spice products nationwide. Despite the FSSAI's prompt action, the government seeks to resolve uncertainties in the spice trade.

The government fears potential impacts on India's USD 700 million spice trade, with Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand raising quality concerns. An assessment by the Global Trade Research Initiative suggests over half of India's spice exports, valued at $2.17 billion, face risk due to this issue.

The report emphasizes India's need for urgent and transparent quality management. In fiscal year 2024, India exported spices worth $4.25 billion, contributing 12% to global spice trade.

Top exports include chili powder ($1.3 billion), cumin ($550 million), turmeric ($220 million), cardamom ($130 million), mixed spices ($110 million), and spice oils and oleoresins ($1 billion), with notable exports including asafoetida, saffron, anise, nutmeg, mace, clove, and cinnamon.