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Optomed introduces AI fundus camera for instant diabetic retinopathy detection

Optomed USA launches Optomed Aurora AEYE, a handheld AI fundus camera for diabetic retinopathy's rapid detection beyond mild stages. Developed with AEYE Health, it facilitates instant eye screenings in primary care settings, aiding referrals to eye care specialists.

The Optomed Aurora AEYE streamlines screening with a user-friendly design, requiring one image per eye and delivering results within 60 seconds. It's the sole FDA-cleared handheld AI fundus camera of its kind.

Addressing the US diabetic retinopathy gap, it provides on-the-spot detection, signaling referral (red) or a 12-month rescreen (green). Recent trials show 92-93% sensitivity and 89-94% specificity.

The camera's non-mydriatic operation and single-image-per-eye approach ensure swift, accurate screenings, detecting early retinal changes within a 50° field of view. Featuring autofocus and auto-exposure functions, it's user-friendly, capturing digital images easily transferable to eye care providers.

With half of diabetic Americans skipping annual eye exams, Optomed Aurora AEYE could notably mitigate diabetic retinopathy risk and potential blindness. Optomed disclosed FDA 510(k) clearance for Optomed Aurora with AEYE-DS on April 30th.