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United Imaging gets FDA clearance for uMR Jupiter 5T MRI system

United Imaging, a manufacturer of medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, has obtained clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its uMR Jupiter 5 tesla (5T) MRI system, a breakthrough in whole-body MRI technology. This approval marks the first for an ultra-high field system designed for whole-body applications and the inaugural system, regardless of field strength, to feature an eight-channel whole-body multi-transmit system.

The uMR Jupiter 5T MRI system transcends conventional limitations of ultra-high-field imaging, providing clinicians with unprecedented clarity and detail in observing anatomical structures. With its ultra-high-field magnet strength, the system enhances resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, potentially elevating diagnostic accuracy. Specifically engineered to enhance imaging in challenging areas such as the heart, abdomen, and pelvis, this technology aims to empower radiologists to detect and diagnose medical conditions more precisely across a wide range of examinations.