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GE HealthCare introduces radiation therapy computed tomography solution

GE HealthCare has unveiled Revolution RT, a radiation therapy computed tomography (CT) solution aimed at enhancing imaging precision while simplifying the simulation workflow for more personalized oncology care. Revolution RT boasts a wide-bore CT platform, delivering high-performance radiation therapy simulation, diagnostic, and interventional capabilities to accommodate diverse patient needs. Utilizing deep learning technology, this system ensures accurate patient imaging. Highlighted at the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology 2024 Congress (ESTRO) in Glasgow, Scotland, Revolution RT is accompanied by an updated version of the Intelligent Radiation Therapy Platform (iRT), now equipped with AI. Originally launched at ESTRO 2023, iRT, in conjunction with the Spectronic magnetic resonance imaging Planner, promises enhanced interoperability, connectivity, and efficiency across the radiation oncology care continuum. This integrated solution streamlines workflows, facilitates data transfer, automates tasks, and offers a range of RT applications from both GE HealthCare and third-party providers, empowering clinicians worldwide to address complex disease states with precision and effectiveness.