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Micron reveals positive data from needle-free measles and rubella vaccine study

Micron Medical's Phase I/II trial, detailed in The Lancet, underscores the safety and efficacy of its measles and rubella microneedle patch (MNP), offering a needle-free vaccination option. Results show significant seroconversion rates among infants, with 93% displaying measles and 100% rubella seroconversion post-MRV-MNP application. Comparable rates were observed with MRV subcutaneous (SC) injection. The trial, involving 45 adults and 240 toddlers and infants, reported no severe adverse events. Micron plans further clinical assessments within a year.

Measles and rubella, highly contagious viral diseases, pose serious health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women. In 2022, over 136,000 measles-related deaths occurred globally, mainly among unvaccinated children. The US reported over 64 measles cases by March this year, exceeding the previous year's total.

Micron's microarray technology, recognized as a vital innovation by the Vaccine Innovation Prioritization Strategy (VIPS) Alliance, has received substantial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for mass production and regulatory approval.