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Study demonstrates Covid-19 vaccination and boosting during pregnancy shields infants for six months

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) study reveals mRNA Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy offers infants strong protection against symptomatic Covid-19 for six months post-birth. Pregnant women's vaccination, including boosters, is crucial for infant protection, as Covid-19 poses risks to newborns, yet no vaccines are authorized for infants under six months. Initial findings from the MOMI-Vax study indicated antibodies transferred to newborns, hinting at protection, but the duration and efficacy remained uncertain.

In analyzing data from 475 infants, researchers observed higher antibody levels at birth correlated with greater protection against Covid-19 during the first six months. Infants born to mothers who received a booster showed enhanced protection. None of the infants required Covid-19 hospitalization. While adhering to vaccination guidelines is vital, maternal vaccination significantly benefits newborns. Continued evaluation of MOMI-Vax data will provide further insights into infant Covid-19 protection. NIAID and NIH are committed to advancing infectious disease research globally.