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Indian healthcare capitalizes on adoption of AI & ML in patient rehabilitation

The Indian healthcare sector increasingly employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for patient rehabilitation, requiring collaborations between tech developers and healthcare providers to maximize their impact.

RYMO Technologies cites three key factors driving this trend. Firstly, rising patient awareness prompts exploration of non-surgical treatment options. Secondly, returning rehabilitation specialists bolster local expertise. Thirdly, platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram boost profession visibility through patient success stories.

In India, approximately 1.8 million people suffer brain strokes annually, with half experiencing movement disabilities. Despite recommended guidelines for intensive rehabilitation, access remains limited, with most patients receiving only a fraction of the recommended therapy hours.

This gap stems from caregivers' limited understanding of immediate intervention importance and a lack of facilities and skilled professionals. High costs further hinder comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Corporate involvement, like Lupin's Atharv Ability initiative, underscores the sector's potential. RYMO pioneers robotic, AI, and virtual reality-driven rehabilitation, supported by grants. These innovations enhance patient engagement and precision, while AI aids therapist assistance and patient progress monitoring, especially in resource-limited settings, advancing global healthcare standards.