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New mRNA cancer vaccine aids immune system fight deadly brain tumors

Researchers have devised an innovative mRNA cancer vaccine aimed at reprogramming the immune system to target lethal brain tumors. Glioblastoma, affecting approximately 3 in 100,000 individuals worldwide annually, poses significant treatment challenges, with patients typically surviving only about a year. This vaccine, developed by University of Florida scientists, targets glioblastoma, the most prevalent form of brain cancer globally. Recent studies indicate rising glioblastoma incidence, attributed to factors like aging and environmental pollutants.

Despite medical advancements, glioblastoma outcomes remain largely unchanged. However, the new mRNA vaccine offers promise. Leveraging the success of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19, researchers personalized the cancer vaccine using patients' own tumor cells. Testing on ten dogs with natural brain tumors revealed remarkable results, extending survival to an average of 139 days compared to the typical 30-60 days. Subsequent human trials, albeit small, demonstrated encouraging immune responses, suggesting potential for expanded clinical trials.