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Andall Biosciences launches ovary care capsule, 23WELL

Andall Biosciences Inc (ABI), a leading biotech company in life science research, unveils its groundbreaking product line, 23WELL. Launching at Circle Harmony, a prestigious medical facility in InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin, the debut offering, ovary care capsules (1+1), marks a significant milestone. With FDA approval, ABI bridges therapeutic and preventative treatments, promoting healthier lives. The 23WELL ovary care capsules (1+1) prioritize women's health, particularly ovary care, with patent applications filed in China, the US, and the UK, showcasing ABI's commitment to cutting-edge biotech.

Inspired by the 23 chromosomes fundamental to life, 23WELL blends advanced life science with natural ingredients, crafting health supplements for enhanced well-being. Ensuring premium quality, 23WELL meticulously selects raw materials and produces capsules in a Class 100,000 GMP Cleanroom facility, adhering to rigorous standards. The product combines Western and Chinese medicinal traditions, featuring FoxOEN & FoxORE Complex with Myo-Inositol, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins E and D, Gallus Domesticus Peptide, and Astragalus Root Extract.