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Ramaiah Memorial Hospital launches novel intra-operative radiation therapy to improve quality of life

Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, a prominent multi-super-specialty hospital in Karnataka, has successfully conducted two breast conservation cancer surgeries utilizing intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT). This innovative approach delivers precise radiation to tumors and the tumor bed immediately following surgical resection in a single procedure.

Compared to traditional post-surgery radiation therapy that spans multiple weeks, IORT offers several advantages. By administering radiation during surgery, IORT minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissues, making it particularly beneficial for challenging cases where complete tumor removal is difficult or where residual cancer cells may be present.

The benefits of IORT include precise dose delivery, preservation of normal tissues, patient convenience, cost-effectiveness, time savings, reduced side effects, and fewer treatment sessions. Oncologists at the hospital noted its efficacy in treating various cancers such as breast, rectal, sarcomas, pancreatic, gynecological, and genito-urinary cancers.